Who or What is Motorvation?

Motorvation is a life-saving and often life-changing method of driver tuition for young drivers aged 15 to 22 years. Most courses are delivered for senior secondary school students, but are also booked by sports clubs and youth organisations.

The program is not really about driver training – more like driver behaviour change. This is because learner driver tuition is generally excellent and young drivers don’t usually lack the skills and knowledge to drive safely. What they do lack is the ability to understand their driving personality (we call this Driver IQ) and make decisions to change their behaviour to reduce overconfidence and risk taking.

Young people (16 to 25 years) are the most at-risk group of drivers – this age group are injured or killed more than three times the rate of others. This is why training that encompasses more than the minimum required to pass the licence test is essential.

While extensive learner training can reduce driver risks, it virtually never teaches young drivers how to control their emotions and behaviour, and it also fails to teach them some critical aspects of driving safely, including defensive driving, vehicle and tyre care and how to deal with emergency situations. Motorvation not only provides all this information, but it does so in a way that does NOT increase the natural confidence and risk-taking propensity of some young drivers.