Why is the Driver IQ Program different?

Driver IQ is completely different from other driver training. This is because it’s the only training that recognises that drivers fall into different groups according to their driver personality or Driver IQ. And it is the only training that recognises that this factor is the main contributor to collision involvement.

After completion of a short questionnaire, drivers know whether they are a Demure Driver, a Dominant Driver or a Driveaholic. They also know that the behaviour of each group is different - and therefore the training requirements of each group differs.

The type of training that causes a Demure Driver to be safer can cause overconfidence and risk-taking in a Dominant Driver. And training that reduces risk-taking in Dominant Drivers and Driveaholics is ineffective for Demure Drivers.

Therefore, any training that fails to take Driver IQ into account is bound to be ineffective for most. Driver IQ is the only training program anywhere in the world that combines an understanding of personality types with training methods that increase safety and reduce risk-taking.

Who provides Driver IQ Programs?

Driver IQ employ teaching professionals and qualified trainers to supply all programs. Staff are chosen primarily for their ability to engage in an informative and entertaining way, in addition to being highly skilled in this field.

The principals of Driver IQ have worked in the driver training field for a combined total of 52 years. They have worked in all kinds of training situations, with drivers of all ages, and in countries around the world.

When you enquire about Driver IQ training, we won’t just herd you into a generic program. We will, firstly, ask about your crash rate figures and what you’re looking to achieve from driver training. We will then work with you to design and implement a training program specifically tailored to your training objectives and issues. You might want to focus on parking and reversing, rear end collisions, country driving, poor attitudes or aggression. Whatever your problems are, we can work with you to reduce it, and improve your bottom line.

We will, if you wish, analyse your collision rate to look for ways we can help you to reduce it. For example, if your drivers are heavily involved in rear-end collisions, we can focus on that, or on any other ”problem areas”. Training uses real cars, interactive seminars and online programs, to teach crucial safety information and assess driver personality.

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