Driver IQ Fleet Program

Many fleets and organisations whose employees drive as part of their work face large repair and insurance costs as part of running their business. Companies also experience OH&S requirements for people who drive as part of their work.

On both fronts, the Motorvation Driver IQ Fleet Program will assist.

The Driver IQ Program uses a ‘driver-centred’ rather than a ‘car-centred’ approach to learning. This is because practical skills training for most drivers simply does not work. On the contrary, heavily practical training has not been proven to reduce driver behaviour or risk-taking, and for some drivers it will even increase risk-taking behaviour. Yet theory-only training, or driver training that involves driving on normal public roads is also largely ineffective – because it doesn’t teach behaviour awareness or behaviour change, and because it doesn’t teach the critical techniques drivers need to improve their safety in emergency situations.

Driver IQ training places driver awareness and psychology as the basis of the approach to safer driving. It recognises that most collisions are caused by a lack of driver thought and care, so the program teaches drivers to recognise their driving personality and gives strategies for changing thought patterns so that driving becomes safer. For this reason, the effects of training last much longer and are greater than with more traditional forms of driver training.

For Fleet Managers

Most driver training for company drivers fails to decrease crash rates. Alarming, but true. The reasons are quite complex, but are mostly because most training only involves either increasing driver skill (such as emergency braking and skid control) or increasing driver knowledge (information such as road law and defensive driving). Both types of learning are inadequate, because they fail to address the most common reasons for driver crashes – inattentiveness and risk-taking.

This is why the Driver IQ Program is both different and effective. It works mainly on driver attitude and behaviour – challenging drivers to discover why they do not drive as carefully and safely as they should, and giving strategies for changing this behaviour.

Our results back up this claim, and are unrivalled by any other trainer anywhere in the world. You can expect to reduce your crash rate by between 50% and 80%, and depending on the size of your fleet this could save you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in reduced crash costs.

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