Welcome to Driver IQ

We supply a range of fleet and corporate driver education programs uniquely designed to substantially reduce collision risks and improve the safety of company drivers. Our programs are about improving attitude and behaviour, not just skills and knowledge. During the training, drivers come to understand their ‘driver personality’ and how this affects their safety.

Programs are tailored to the specific requirements of your fleet , and we work with drivers from companies and organisations of all sizes.

Driver IQ is wholly Australian owned and operated, and programs run all over Australia as well as in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Programs Offered

1. Driver IQ Fleet Program

This enjoyable one-day program is designed for the staff of companies and organisations of all sizes. It combines fascinating group discussion with practical driving, both designed to increase an understanding of driving behaviour and techniques whilst simultaneously reducing collision risk. Endorsements and statistical information about how much safer you can expect your drivers to be after completing this program are here.

2. Driver IQ Online Fleet Program

If you have drivers who do not drive as part of their work, work remotely or cannot spare the time to attend the full-day program, you can purchase the seminar part of our program as a stand-alone, interactive training module. Clients find that the completion of this program alone gives their drivers more safety and awareness as they drive, and is sufficient for their needs.

Driver IQ also supply in-house seminars for schools, businesses and community organisations, and other types of specialist driver training on request. All programs can be modified to suit specific training requirements.

If you’d like more information about the cost of our programs, click here. And if you have any questions we haven’t answered, you’re welcome to contact us here.