Teachers and Parents


If you’re a teacher of Year 10, 11 or 12 students, or if you care for youth through a sports club or if you’re a parent of current or future young drivers, this page is for you.



Motorvation is a great way for students to practice driving

The Motorvation program is consistently voted as one of the most entertaining excursions available for secondary students. It is hands-on and practical and enormously engaging.

We come to you using some or all of the following modules. Which of the modules we deliver will depend on the time you have available and whether you prefer a half-day or full-day session, whether you have room for a bus and provide power, whether you have the space at the school or nearby for students to drive a car in a safe area, and whether you have a classroom available.


  1. Tablet based interactive online program
  2. Entertaining and interactive discussion sessions led by trained professionals
  3. Driving in real cars

The Motorvation Program is:

  1. Suitable for anyone 15 to 22 years, and of all levels of experience from pre-learners through to licensed drivers and any combination are welcome. We are also experienced and qualified in working with disabled students.
  2. Available at your school (reducing your transport costs), or a venue close by.
  3. One of very few programs where students usually drive.
  4. Fits in with school hours – full-day courses normally run from 10am-3pm and half day courses within these times, but can be adjusted to suit; and
  5. Suitable for all educational streams – in Victoria for instance, Motorvation is particularly popular with VCAL students, and we have a range of Learning Outcomes that we can supply prior to your program for enrichment purposes

If you’d like to know more about the programs or have a question, please contact us.




Many students all over Australia get real driving insights and experience with the Motorvation program

Extensive learner training is great – but unfortunately cannot guarantee prevention from collision risk once licensed. This is because no matter how many hours are completed, learner training does not include critical safety techniques (Action skills) and does not address driver behaviour and risk-taking (Attitude).

If you have a son or daughter who you feel may take risks and is not a careful driver, Motorvation will show them how and why their over-confidence is misguided and give them strategies, delivered by highly credible presenters, for reducing risk taking.

If your son or daughter is a cautious driver, Motorvation will teach them the essential techniques they need should they ever be confronted with an emergency.

Please also be aware that if your young driver believes they do not need to attend further training, this is a red flag that they need to. Most don’t want to attend because they already believe they know everything required – this is a dangerous, overconfident attitude that needs addressing. A smaller number don’t want to attend because they are worried about what will occur – these young drivers should also be encouraged to attend because they will learn needed skills and knowledge.

The course is run for groups of young drivers – there is no minimum group size and we can give you a quote depending on location and venue.